Friday, September 3, 2010

Decluttering the Happy Home

We all have this problem...too much stuff and too little space.  I don't care how big the home is, you find the stuff to fill it up and next thing you know its taking over your life!  If you are like me and get anxiety when you see any type of mass disorganization, then this blog is dedicated to you!  I work as a travel agent out of my home and I can say that when things become disorganized, my attention to my work drifts over to the pile of papers or the stack of home decor magazines. It's scarry how simple things can distract me so much.  
Right now I am in the middle of an office makeover (pictures and stories to come later..promise!).  I just purchased a new desk, which I will give you a sneak peak on.  My office serves as a haven for many things.  I do all of my travel work out of here, all of my home decor searching and stashing, and all of my art and crafting.  So, as you may already know, this can cause quite the issue in terms of organization.  
My goal in this blog is to find unique, creative, and stylish ways to turn my (and maybe your) messy disorganized office into a space that is workable, inspirational, and enjoyable.  This will be a two part series as I want to show you the finished end once I have all of my pieces in place!  

First, let me show this amazing desk that I am so excited about.  I bought an L-shaped desk from the Kathy Ireland Collection.  I think it will go nice with my french country style!
Next I want to show you some great ways to store your things from stuff that is lying around the house.

Sauce Jars:  use jars from spaghetti sauce, take off the label and give them a good cleaning.  Store widgets and things in them.  Use stuff with vibrant colors for not only a organized effect, but a visually pleasing design as well.
Baskets:  we are all guilty of it, buying baskets or getting baskets as gifts and then putting them away in the basement or closet never to see the light of day.  Take those treasures and fill them with magazines, fabric scraps, supplies, etc.  
Old Dressers:  refinish this baby!  Give a decent sanding and repaint it.  You would be amazed at the difference that a little paint will do.  Store linens, towels, craft supplies, and more in them for easy access.

Here are some storage items that I found online:
Magazine Files from The Container Store
Unique way to store ribbons! 
How about taking a cupcake stand and putting little dishes in it and filling the dishes with beads, brads, paper clips, etc.  
Crate & Barrell  
Found this at All Sorts Blog

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