Tuesday, August 31, 2010

DIY Projects

We all love a good project!  There are so many out there that it is hard to chose which one to take on next.  I have scrolled through the net in search of some interesting, relatively easy and cost effective DIY home decorating projects.  I am all about making my home as personal as possible and nothing says personal like creating things on your own!

I ran across this simple yet stunning coat hook rack on Flax and Spindle's blog.  The steps are simple and depending on how pricey the knobs are, it can be very cost effective.  
Coat Hook Rack
 Here are the steps below
  1. Find yourself a piece of wood that is the size, shape, and finish that you want.  If you choose an unfinished piece, give your custom touch of color or stain and let it completely dry
  2. Find your self some decorative knobs (picture below is some that I found online). Go to our Sources Page to see the stores that I found these knobs at)
  3. Drill wholes into the wood where you would like your knobs placed
  4. Attach two saw tooth picture frame hangers onto the back
  5. Screw in your knobs, hang your creation, and poof you have a DIY rack!

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