Sunday, August 29, 2010

French Wire Baskets

So to begin my home makeover, I am looking constantly for some french wire baskets online, at antique stores, and any where else I can think of.  My search begins online!  I have found some that I think are worth noting.  Basically I am looking for my bathrooms, office, kitchen, and family room.  Just something to hold magazines, toys, papers, and any other loose items lying around.  

I found the one below on Amazon.  It is a French Traditional Style Salad Wire Basket (reproduction of an antique design).  Price Tag:  $22.49 plus shipping.

 Then I found these very sleek ones which truly do remind me of the french countryside..however they come with a somewhat hefty price tag.  Sold in packs of two $59.95 from Sturbridge Yankee.  .

Here are some more finds from online, I have put in the caption where I found them and the link plus the price.  Such decisions that have to be made. 

TimelessNChic $62.95    
Gray French Wire Pedestal Baskets $261.00 plus shipping
French Tripod Wire Stand $39.99
French Wire Wall Mount $29.99
Wire Gathering Baskets $39.95

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