Friday, August 27, 2010

Hello World!

This is my first post on my new blog in which I tell you all about the great finds on the internet, in the stores, and just lolly gagging around in search for new home finds! Decorating and designing are a hobby for me, but now seem to be consuming all of my time! My husband and I just bought our home that we intend on growing old with....however, there are things I want and need to change to make the home of a life time. To begin, my husband loves new homes while I on the other hand love the character and charm that an old home has to what did we end up with? A NEW HOME :( Although I am sad, this gives me the opportunity to start designing the rooms the way I want them...a new home with old home charm. Bonus..home came with beautiful molding and wainscoting! Bonus...hard wood floors throughout! Bonus....airy and open (not typical in an older home). Downfall...everything feels so new with no the journey begins. On this blog I will post items I have found that I think are simply amazing, the changes we have made to our home, and anything I think you might actually care about! So sit back and enjoy our adventures in the epic home makeover journey.

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